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The OpenCOBOL Italian Group website is online. The decision to create a site on Opencobol came about with the idea of ​​offering a place for the exchange of opinions to those who use, try or are simply interested in the compiler. The operating manuals of the tools relating to the TP-COBOL-Debugger and the Guicobol which I have had the pleasure of writing that I am continuing to update, albeit with the time limits that I can dedicate to these activities, will also be made available on the site. There will also be articles on open source opportunities with particular attention to the central and local P.A (areas for which I carry out my work) but I will be happy to publish documents or other experiences related to the use of opencobol in the SME market. The site aims to help improve knowledge of language and tools. In this respect, it does not even want to be a "pro" cobol site. The language has been talked about, talked about and everything said. It is not my intention to add anything else. Those who do not know cobol can certainly approach it using gnucobol (already opencobol) which obviously has no costs of any kind and absolutely dignified performances which, as far as I have been able to ascertain, in some cases they are really interesting and certainly not inferior to those of the alternatives on the market.